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Ocean freight

Consolidation and Vendor Services:

Consolidating merchandise, information, and documents close to your sourcing locations takes the headache out of international forwarding, documentation and compliance.

Warehousing and Distribution:
Customized warehousing and distribution solutions improve inventory management, reduce operating costs and speed order cycle times.

Global Freight Management:
As a leading provider of comprehensive transportation and forwarding services, AFG Logistics leverages its regional and international purchasing power to negotiate the best rates from top-rated carriers.
As new windows of opportunity open in the market of international trade, the requirements and regulations for importing products are constantly changing. Our team of experts will ensure that all requirements are met to expedite the clearance of your shipment.

Customs Clearance:
AFG Logistics has the expertise to assist you with:
- The Tariff Concession System .
- Policy By-laws
- Customs Duty Audits and
- RefundsCommerce Marking
- Goods and services Tax issues

Air Freight
AFG can meet your air freight needs, with fixed time and good services supported by best carriers.
AFG offers perfect connections and schedules on all main routes.

Trucking Services
We can offer you inland transportation from/to any point, with defined time and safety wayPlus competitive rates.
- Custom Clearance
- Transportation
- Door Deliveries
- And allied logistical support