AFG Holding
Welcome To AFG Import

Cause of our location in Cairo, we (AFG IMPORT) can easily reach each big and important agent inside Egypt and especially the Wholesaler, the Reseller and the last hand consumer also. Covering big markets in Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Dubai through our main office in Cairo, attempting to save the needs which becoming day by day a priority. For examples of the Goods which we (AFG import):
** Essential line for car’s spare parts like “Japanese and Korean” models and also the cars itself.
** Facing the needs of the markets, we also import iron & steel becoming one of the ten biggest companies importing and distributing steel in Egypt at 2009, we also have a big network of the ironmongers in Egypt which they are our agents already. We serve them regarding their needs of steel.
** Also contributed in cement import from several European markets in its last crisis of prices and shortage in the Egyptian market.
** Regarding the meat, we import our market needs of cause we can choose the best countries in Rearing Calves and offering its meat in many ways like: Chilled, frozen and alive calves
The General main idea in AFG IMPORT is that we understood our Egyptian and Arabian Market needs very well..And that enabled us to meet its needs in such a priceless way.
We offer the best goods in the best prices in all markets after studying it very well so we could import it and make it win-win strategy.
That is also where our exporting plan is starting, looking for goods with best prices having the entire international standards and specifications is not an easy job…but we love it!
AFG IMPORT is an importing expert in the Egyptian market cause we know how to choose, select, and import goods by Documentary credit or direct money transferring or by our good relationships with the External suppliers all over the world.