AFG Holding
Word of the president of the group

Since its establishment AGF Export aims at preserving its values by committing to its client by working hard to serve them in order to achieve their goals and desires with high quality standards and by respecting their requirements thus , we gamed their trust and satisfaction with God's blessing

Our permanent present presence in Egypt and the middle east allowed us to closely observe the job opportunities business and investment which was the key to our success  with time this increased our sense of responsibility and commitment to develop trade between the Arab world and Egypt
Based on the experience we acquired for 20 years in the Arab and Egyptian markets , the group gained the trust of the companies . investors , businessmen , and people looking for investments and agencies

Since the beginning , our plan were to guide it business man in the right way to reach the right sources in the markets , we believe that we are not the only ones in the market , but we aim at being the best

Last but not least , we are proud to have service the Arab tradesman , businessman , and investors for the past 20 years in the Egyptian markets and we are very positive concerning the  future we expect to increase our presence in the Arab markets in the coming years and preserve the good reputation of the company specially that it is one